Do you know that you are putting your lovely baby in Danger without Baby Seat Alarm/Reminder

Why do you need a Baby Seat Alarm to remind you? Do you know how many baby is get kill when parent left them in the car? Below is referred from CNN

Since 1998, 818 children have died from pediatric vehicular heatstroke, which occurs when a child’s body temperature rises to 104 degrees. A temperature of 107 degrees is lethal, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.
The tragedy can happen almost anywhere, and while hotter months are the riskiest, the circumstances surrounding child vehicular heatstroke are varied.

Heatstroke kills 38 children every year on average, according to the National Safety Council. These include instances in which a child has been forgotten in a car, when they accidentally lock themselves in a car or trunk or, in a small number of cases, when a child has been intentionally left in a car.

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